Each of us, whether we are aware of it or not, is continually and insatiably drawn toward God. We are drawn by that natural longing which God himself, as a wise Creator, has placed in our hearts.
We are Augustinian Nuns, members of the Order of St. Augustine, an international religious order of the Roman Catholic Church.

God, in his gracious mercy, has called us to dedicate ourselves to him in a life wholly dedicated to prayer. We follow the longing of our hearts to taste, even now on earth, the union with him which we hope to enjoy in its fullness in heaven.

Within the enclosure of our monastery, we joyfully embrace the asceticism necessary for a life of prayer and contemplation: solitude, silence, common life, sacrifice and work.
Each of these elements is designed to support and enhance our life of ongoing conversion and transformation in God’s love and grace.
St. Augustine wrote: “You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.”
We welcome to you to our website and hope that as you review these pages you will be drawn ever nearer to God who created you out of love and who is always awaiting your response of love in return.