“The main reason for having come together is to live harmoniously in your house, intent upon God, in oneness of mind and heart.”
(Rule of St. Augustine)

In Augustinian spirituality the purpose of life is ones desire for and search for God. We desire to make this journey with other women who share our longing to be one with God, in unity of ideals and heart.
With Jesus, we journey toward the Father who has called us from all eternity to co-operate with his Son in his work of redemption. Our life of prayer is all about love.
Like prayer, community, too, is about love! Community is the place where prayer and love are found and from which we reach out to others. God’s love has drawn us together, and it is love we seek to give whole-heartedly in return!
Do not be misled. Our vocation is not an escape from the struggles and demands of contemporary living. We share all life’s demands and delights, its joys and challenges, in a spirit of mutual respect and sisterly love.
We use our talents (and develop new ones!) in order to serve the community in taking care of daily tasks: cleaning, planning and preparing meals, escorting a Sister to the doctor, answering the telephone, grocery shopping, laundry, bookkeeping, correspondence, gardening, etc.
The unity we share is the gift of God’s Spirit who has called us together and whose providence guides our path. We live and share God’s gift of life in common to its fullest! Our times of prayer, our work and our meals, the enjoyment of one another’s company during times of recreation are all encounters with God’s love and mercy.

“Prayer, humility, and charity toward all are essential in the Christian life: they are the way to holiness.”