"No one has a greater desire than I for that secure and tranquil life dedicated wholly to contemplation. There is nothing better, nothing more enjoyable to be separated from all turmoil, in order to immerse oneself profoundly in the Divine Treasure."
(St. Augustine)

What is contemplation?
Contemplation is first and foremost a gift of God. None of us can merit it.
We may humbly ask for this gift, and we need to prepare our heart for it through the interior work of prayer, mortification, humility, silence and solitude. This interior work prepares us for the intimacy with God that our hearts long for.
Through humility we recognize our utter dependency upon God. We are his children and we can trust that his love will never fail us. By means of silence and solitude, both external and interior, we learn to recognize the voice and light of the Spirit and grow in attentiveness to Jesus.
To gaze upon God it is necessary to walk the contemplative path in an ongoing ascent toward God, sustained through faith, hope and love.
All of creation and the grace of the interior life lead us toward an experiential knowledge of the Divine, an encounter that is union, joy, love and rest.
Our vocation is a call to love. Love of God and love of our neighbor by the deepening surrender of our entire person to God. “Your life is hidden now in Christ” wrote St. Paul. And even in this hiddenness we give visible witness to the invisible reality of God.
“Our world, our Church, our families NEEDS someone to tell us that prayer is valuable, that service in silence in Christ-like and Gospel inspired, and that our faith has meaning.” Most Rev. Robert Prevost, OSA Prior General

“I thirst for God on this journey. I thirst and run ahead. I shall be satisfied only when I come to the end.”